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07 Mar 2019

New Imagebrochure

The new myonic image brochure is here!
On 24 pages information on our company, our products and applications is offered to our customers, prospective customers and applicants. Moreover, they can get an insight into our excellent workplace culture and career possibilities.

It's easy: load it down and leaf through!

08 Jan 2019

myonic Kids Day

Girl Power in cage sieving

Following the previous year's successful start, this year saw Round Two of myonic Kids Day. All colleagues' children aged between 4 and 13 were invited to myonic on the Friday afternoon of 14th December 2018.

This year they only had to follow the delicious aroma of Christmas cookies to find one of the two groups. In the canteen, they diligently set to work cutting out, decorating - and of course nibbling - ball bearing-shaped cookies. For that they received professional support from master confectioner Anton Kohler, who patiently supervised the baking. The kids were spoiled for choice about how their biscuits should look: light or dark dough, icing or chocolate glazing, decorative beads, glitter spray or colorful sugar … they found all that they could have desired on "Decoration Alley".

The other group of the 44 visitors in total could be found at one of the five stations where the Company Rally was being held. There, under the supervision of the trainees, the kids were able to have fun with activities such as threading rings, playing games or sorting ball bearing cages into a shape. Points were awarded for the time taken, quantity or skill – and finally the kids were able to compare their results among themselves. At each station the kids also received 3D printed parts that when all assembled together at the end created a gyroscope for skilled hands. A special feature of the rally was that it was entirely organized and run by our trainees! There was a change-round after half time, with a lot of painting going on - including the "Kids Day aprons". Early in the evening "Santa Claus" awarded the prizes for the best winter and Christmas motifs that adorn this year's myonic Christmas card, and wished everyone a happy Christmas.

The cookies were artistically decorated Photos: Niklas Engler/myonic

A film of the Kids Day has been uploaded to our YouTube channel at: