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26 Jul 2017

Spinning is the Summer Hit

The myonic fidget Spinners are produced in our training shop…

Everywhere on playgrounds, schoolyards, in the rooms of children and teens the small manual turning discs are spinning. They are driving our kids crazy but many adults as well are infected by the fidget spinner hype. This analogue gadget contains a ball bearing in the center and three wings are turning around it. If you balance the spinner on your fingertip and push it smoothly it buzzes and whirls for seconds. The better the quality of the ball bearing the longer the gadget turns. Those who think this is too boring can exercise acrobatics and tricks.

It is not astonishing that myonic as a company producing ball bearings as a traditional business has created its own spinner. Our apprentice department developed and produced the spinner 2.0 with much commitment and passion. The result will exclusively thrill the children of our employees who annually receive a special present on the occasion of the ‘Kinderfest’ (children's festival in Leutkirch). Will we supplement our product range with this treasured gadget? - No. We see it as a well done "nonsense" which gets employees, children and apprentices going!

...and this are the finished spinners!