Ball bearings


The demand in the mechanical industry for miniaturization and capacity increase of technical systems primarily affects mechanical components, such as ball bearings, that have a decisive effect on functionality. The industry requires reliable acquisition sources with high quality standards, reasonable total costs and good technical support to be able to compete successfully. Innovative capability, flexibility and safe manufacturing processes make short development times and speedy market launches possible. myonic products have consistent high precision and are used in all kinds of applications to meet high rotational speeds, low friction moments, maximum rigidities, low noise levels at the smallest dimensions with high product lifecycles.

Ball bearings in the available dimensions and models can be found in the myonic standard catalogue or the myonic online product search.

myonic also has a ball bearing solution ready for specialist applications or can develop this in cooperation with the customer. During this process, the material selection, the lubricant, the cover disc and the design of the interior geometry of the ball bearing are very important. This makes it possible for myonic ball bearings to achieve 1 million rotations per minute and can be used at temperatures above 500°C or below -180°C, in a high vacuum or in a dry helium atmosphere.

Modern production techniques and the manufacturing processes used at myonic guarantee optimal production conditions to achieve consistent maximum accuracy.

Our sales and consulting team is happy to offers cost-optimized technical solutions.