Machine tool bearings


AXCR crossed roller bearings are often used as axis and swiveling bearings usually in small constructions due to their compact form of structure. Typical applications for AXCR bearings include milling heads, swivel axes, or robots. Other possible uses are found in industrial applications with major specifications for running precision.

The cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise on a raceway at a 90° angle so that loads and moments can be received equally in both directions.

The bearings are supplied with distance cages (spacer).
Crossed roller bearings offer a relatively high axial and radial rigidity as well as high tilting rigidity in very compact forms of structure. For highest rigidity, we recommend the rigidity-optimized AXRY-EX model.

AXCR bearings are manufactured in many different versions and specifications. For further details please contact the myonic application engineering department.